What is Three-Fifty-Two?

Three-Fifty-Two is a production company that produces film content as well as weekly written content. Three-Fifty-Two was established back in 2011 in Gainesville, FL with the production of the short film Blink. Shortly after, another short film, Perception was produced in 2012 and made a few runs at local film festivals in the Central Florida region. While producing short form content, Three-Fifty-Two also helped in the production of other local content with collaborations with TEDx UF, Gainesville Fashion Week, and the Manic Menagerie.  After working in Gainesville, FL for five years, Three-Fifty-Two moved it's operations to New York City where it has since worked on broadening it's production reaches and grow into more than film production. In 2016, Three-Fifty-Two created it's entertainment news department with the focus on covering everything going on in the film industry including reviews, articles, and other written content. Three-Fifty-Two looks forward to continuing producing more content as well as broadening it's scope in the entertainment industry.