The MCU Countdown #6: Spider-Man - Homecoming


The Spider-Man that everyone deserved and thought they didn't want. I remember all of the moans and groans when it was announced that Spider-Man would be going through another reboot after the failed attempt with director Marc Webb. In the early 2000s, Spider-Man ruled the summer box offices. The original Raimi trilogy still holds three spots in the Top 15 highest grossing comic book films of all time. Spider-Man ruled the box office and to see how far he had fallen meant something. To go from a multi-billion-dollar property to a franchise on life support in the span of seven years is a downfall that can only be beat my Joel Schumacher and his Batman films. 

If you want a more detailed analysis of this film, you can check out my older review here. One of the things I will reiterate from my original review is I cannot believe how quickly Tom Holland has made me forget about every other actor to play Peter Parker before this film. I used to love Tobey McGuaire's version of the character as well as Andrew Garfield's. Both performers did exactly what was demanded from them to progress the story. Tom Holland is doing the exact same as they did but the material that Holland is working with is far superior than anything McGuaire or Garfield dealt with. McGuaire's flaws come from the campy nature of his trilogy and the treatment of comic book films in his era. Garfield gives a great performance as Peter Parker as well as an incredible Spider-Man but sadly a majority of the people around him are complete shit. 

After re-watching this film, I find a ton of the laughs still land with me. One of the things that has hit me a lot in this long retrospective is how some of the jokes fall flat over time. Marvel's overuse of humor is very present when you go take a deep dive into their material. Unlike many films on this list, Spider-Man: Homecoming rarely has those moments. A lot of the humor comes naturally, and Tom Holland's performance helps elevate the comedy more. Michael Keaton's performance as Vulture is another shining moment in this film as well. For a while, many considered him to be the next best villain in the MCU. I hope that Keaton has a chance to return to the role sometime in the future but if Homecoming is the end of his story, we were given a satisfying arc to his story. 

Spider-Man: Homecoming is definitely in my Top 5 "must-watch" films leading into Avengers: Infinity War. His involvement in Civil War as well as his inclusion into Infinity War helps elevate this film into importance. I am truly excited to see how big of a role Peter Parker/Spider-Man play in Infinity War. The only thing I wish I did not know going into the future of the MCU is knowing that (Spoiler Alert) Peter Parker will definitely survive the events of Avengers 3 & 4. While it was highly likely that he would survive the events of these two films, I already know that there will be moments in this film where Spider-Man will have his life on the line and I will have this knowledge in my head absolutely ruining the moment within the film. Nitpicking aside, I cannot recommend this film enough and you should stop whatever you're doing right now and watch this film.