The MCU Countdown #5: Black Panther


The most recently released film finds a way to crack the top five of the MCU Countdown. I will not lie, I set aside a spot in this countdown when it began for Black Panther but took a risk seeing as I would already be 4-5 films in to the countdown by the time I was started. I accepted the risk because there was already a ton of buzz surrounding the film with the social media embargo lifting when I posted my first film on the countdown. Also, there is a very real fact that Marvel is hitting its strides and just when you think the property might have hit the peak, it sets the bar higher. I don't see any film in the foreseeable future that has a chance of being worse than some of Marvel's early work. So when I put together this list, I penciled in Black Panther somewhere outside the Top Ten. I believed that the film was going to be entertaining but I did not want to set the bar too high for this film. Maybe I should not have underestimated this film. 

For a more in-depth review of Black Panther, you can check out my original review hereBlack Panther is the most recent film in the Marvel franchise and the last film leading directly into the events of Avengers: Infinity War. Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong'o, Danai Gurira, Martin Freeman, and Andy Serkis take the helm in this film which delves into Wakanda and gives audience a deeper look into the character that they were introduced to in Civil War. While Black Panther is similar to Ant-Man in terms of being supplemental material for the MCU. The trailers have already showcased that Black Panther and the nation of Wakanda will play a very large role in the plot of AvengersInfinity War. While the film might not be one that fills in the black for other questions audience members might have leading into the film, Black Panther is a film that sets the foundation for the future of the MCU.

One of the things I try to steer away from when discussing films in their reviews is the financial success that they might have received by the time I've reviewed them. I do my best to see films early into their theatrical release in order to give myself as little knowledge as possible leading into a film. This is more of a retrospective of the film that's only been in theaters for about a month now. The only thing I can truly retrospect on is how strong this film has held at the box office, the impact it has had on Hollywood and pop culture in general

I might not be incredibly old but it was not long about that Hollywood would not risk a large budget on a film with a minority and/or female as the lead protagonist. Sadly, that belief was held all the way up to the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens a few years back. Not only did that film make a ton of money its opening weekend, it still holds the record for the largest opening ever by a film. As of this article, Black Panther is now #9 all-time in domestic box office. Black Panther is also nearing the $1 billion mark which it could surpass any time soon. While The Force Awakens might have opened the door for more minority-lead film franchises, Black Panther is the film that broke down the door and tore off the hinges.

I am interested in taking a look back at this film ten years from now. How does the message within the film hold up? Does some of the story elements and character motives hold up? How much of Black Panther's legacy can be felt within its future stories as well as other film properties that spawn because of this film. Only time will tell how important Black Panther was in the history of film. For now, let's just celebrate what this film accomplished and hope the film brings more to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as the film industry.