The Deserted: An Original Series

 The Deserted is a neo-noir series written by Robert Carney and Patrick Birmingham. The series follows Catherine Vance and Eric Dalton as they delve into the mysterious murder of a local journalist and her investigation into the corruption that's crippled the city and it's citizens. We're currently in the middle of a rewrite for the first season's six episodes. Once rewrites are completed, we hope to enter pre-production as well as find financing for filming a pilot episode. Once a pilot episode is produced, we hope to send the episode to festivals and gain interest in a network or streaming service to pick up the first season for production. 


The three-fifty-two podcast

The Thee-Fifty-Two Podcast would be a weekly podcast focused on a general discussion on what's happening in the film industry as a whole. Most podcast would feature a guest and focus on a specific topic on the week.  We hope to use this podcast to give our thoughts on what's going on in the movie world while also having discussions on what we think deserves recognition. We're hoping to begin this podcast sometime in early 2018 once we have guests lined up.